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Recorded in a garage, the EP is 4 songs of grit and gloss


released September 6, 2019

Written, produced, performed, and engineered by Clayton Waller
Mixed by Clayton Waller and David Dreas
Mastered by Monty Miller


all rights reserved



Rock Eupora Nashville, Tennessee

Gritty Rock + Shimmering Pop


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Track Name: Way Out
Distractions all around
Distractions all around me
Opportunities abound
Opportunities abounding

Scrolling through the news
Scrolling through the news feed
Gimme my worldview
Gimme my worldview please

I’ve been looking for a way out
Always scoping an escape route

I'm streaming everything
I'm streaming everything for free
I need it right now
I need it instantaneously
Track Name: Things 2 Say
I’ve got a dilemma
I don't know which way to go
Should I just be honest
Or paint it pink with a sugarcoat

Which way's the high road
The bitter truth or a comfy cloak?
Maybe it’s somewhere between 'em
Run of the mill, middle of the road

I've got a thousand things to say but there's nothing coming out
Nothing's coming out
Track Name: Cut Loose
Welcome to the music biz
Climb the mountain to the tip
Rock n roll like Sisyphus
Don't put me under limits
I just don't go by the script
It's my class no syllabus

Lines of fine print, sign below

Cut Loose
Whatever's smothering you
Cut Loose

Try to put me on a leash
Dangle money from a string
That's show biz baby!
I'll keep on raising the roof
You'll be watching from your stoop
I chunk up the deuce

Line of fine print, sign below
Wind the line in, tie me up
Track Name: So LA
He’s got the he’s got the look of a liar
She’s tryna she’s tryna fill a desire

You think you’re so LA?
You think you’re sweeter than a marmalade?
You think you’re so la?
Well I don’t think I’mma participate !

You think you got it
You think you really got it

He’s walkin he’s walkin like he’s on water
She shoulda she shoulda been the headliner

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